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University education

2005Master’s degree in Sports Science at theUniversity of Milan.

Thesis: Training Methodology and Theory.
Title: Athletic and technical training on individual figure roller-skating

2006starting of the PhD with a scholarship in “Exercise and sport science” at the University of Milan.

2009-2010: attending the third year of the PhD with a scholarship in “Physical Activity and Sport” at the Università degli Studi di Milano. Project developed: Evaluation of physiological characteristics for both elite and non-elite skaters. / Study of the optimal race pace on the different race distances (from 400m up to marathon). / Balance, performance and prevention on injuries.

2010: Ph.D degree in “Exercise and sport science” at University of Milan



2014-2015: postdoctoral fellow at Università degli Studi of Brescia – Research Project of MIUR – Call Smart Cites and Communities and Social Innovation (Dec Dir n. 391/5 July 2012)

Title of research project: Smart Aging, platform of mobile services for the welfare and care of the elderly population-development of wearable sensors. Signal handling during physical activity and their integration 



Fields of specialization:

  • Strenght and conditioning training ( planning and periodization)
  • On and off ice performance test
  • On and off ice strenght and endurance training
  • Off ice lift training
  • Evaluation of physiological characteristics for both elite and non-elite skaters.
  • Balance training in ice skaters
  • Rotations  tecnique training in ice skaters
  • Lift and crossfit  training
  • Core stability training
  • Mobility and flexibility training


Collaboration Involvement on different research projects regarding the evaluation of the effects of both acute and  chronic physical exercise in the following fields (2012-2019): 

  • Functional evaluation of elite female figure-skaters.
  • Stretching and worsening of the muscle power.
  • Balance training and sport performance.
  • Respiratory muscles training under normoxia and under isocapnica hyperpnea conditions.
  • Evaluation of metabolic profile of athletes, healthy and metabolic syndrome affected individuals.
  • Analysis of physiological characteristics of different sports and of athletes with different technical levels .
  • Study of the metabolic and hormonal changes after extended sport activity
  • Study of the variation in genic expression after endurance training